Monday, 13 September 2010

Getting technical

I'm stocking up on oranges again. I've been asked to give a couple of workshops to breast screening health professionals at a regional education day at the end of September. Like, y'know, the patient perspective. I'm excited. And scared. I've only got 20 minutes per workshop to show my LD surgery skills on an orange and explain why this fruity equivalent to stitch and bitch could be worthwhile (beyond me and my friends having fun sculpting oranges and drinking Pimm's. Which is very worthwhile indeed).

I'm sorry to say, I won't be writing about the contents of the day because the organiser asked me not to: "The day is very much a forum of ideas amongst those working within the field of breast cancer and cancer screening (and) I will have to ask you to sign a comprehensive confidentiality agreement." Which makes me feel very privileged and important. And actually, I'm not all that sorry, because it means I can engage fully in the day and not feel guilty at counting the number of moustaches in the room if it gets a bit, y'know, technical.

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