Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Born in the shape of a question mark

When my husband Dan was about eleven, he got into big, big trouble by asking his teacher, who was really getting on his nerves and asking too many questions, whether he was born in the shape of a question mark. It's not just a really cheeky question to throw back at your teacher (and to get you thrown out of the classroom); it's also bizarre, because Dan is one of the shyest men that I know.

I, on the other hand, am not shy, and I know that I was definitely born in the shape of a question mark. I just can't stop asking questions. It's in the blood. And for the first time since I've known Mr A, I felt that my curiosity exasperated him. In a follow-up meeting with nurse J, I realised I had been asking a lot of my consultant, and had started to take for granted the easy relationship we had developed. It's not that I crossed the line exactly — it's the fact that I had started to think that there wasn't one. But — disappointed! — there is.

Image (and quote) from HydrogenPops at Flickr.com


  1. I think it's wonderful that he was so great when you needed him most.

  2. Kelly, finally found you and delighted to hear what you are up to. Sounds like excellent and much needed work you are doing. Much love

    Jane (Unge.....)

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  4. Jane, I had written back to you and then realised I wanted to add something about Jonathan - there's a mother-in-law joke about making hang-gliders out of knickers in the pork chops post - it's one of his! When Rach & I went to Australia he made Rach a tape that she absolutely treasured - she was (still is!) an adoring younger sister. Anyway, I also must say how amazing Georgie looks. And a nursing Sister. Wow!! Lovely to see you. x