Sunday, 30 May 2010

La vie en (knitted) rose

See those two wantonly pink blooms peeping out from the foliage?

They are knitted prostheses. Their maker, Beryl Tsang, calls them Tit Bits: she had an awful experience trying to find prostheses she was happy with post-mastectomy and so she came up with these. I like the idea of knitting your own breasts, rosy or otherwise, and I'm on the lookout now for more anatomy-inspired knitting and crafts.

The people at Stitch London, the biggest knitting group on the planet (well - definitely London), and arguably the one with the best sense of humour, were at the Hunterian museum a while back at the All Stitched Up event, doing their stuff amongst the anatomical curiosities. Their website and blog feature lots of quirky knitting ideas, including some combining yarn and science: a few of the patterns they link to include frogs, their intestines, and um, lab rats.

Searching the fab yarn-lovers' website for mammary inspiration revealed lots of breast-shaped cushions and more, but what I would really love to find is a pattern that depicts the interior of a breast, especially the ducts and lobules, and their relationship to breast tissue and the lymph nodes. Ooh, or maybe patterns that demonstrate the evolution of DCIS to invasive cancer and make the relationship between the two more clear.

Hmmm. I might be getting ahead of myself here. I think I'd better remind myself how to knit properly. Anyone got a beginner's guide to bed socks?

(Thanks Emily, for continuing to send me inspirational articles, like this one.)

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