Monday, 10 May 2010

Holey Moley: Part Two

Cripes a'mighty! So my theory about the hole was fairly accurate except the bit about how the circular piece of skin got from back to front to make an areola. I literally imagined it as a skin patch being cut from the back and plonked on top of the new breast as a final touch. Instead, an ellipse-shaped piece of skin is still attached to the back muscle as it's swung around under the armpit. The reason it's a fairly large ellipse is to give access to the muscle.

Once around the front as it were, the surgeon shaves the excess skin from the ends of the ellipse to make a circle, replaces the orange peel-like flaps of breast skin over the top of the muscle so that it meets the new areola, and stitches it all together at that point. (See my previous post on the melon spoon myth for more food/breast analogies.) I have to say I'm in awe but also slightly perplexed at the notion that someone could actually enjoy slicing another human being like an orange, but there you go. Mr A loves what he does. Surgeons eh?

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