Monday, 6 December 2010

Blood not money

Got blood? I'm taking part in a Cancer Research trial called Project Icicle led by local oncologist Duncan Wheatley — and they're looking for women nationwide who don't have experience of breast cancer themselves or in the immediate family (sister/mum/daughter).

Instead of asking for money, researchers are asking for a couple of eggcups-full of the red stuff to help investigate the genetics of DCIS, the early form of breast cancer I had. I filled an eggcup with water so I can confidently add it's a small amount. Honest. All you have to do is mention Icicle to your GP or email Kelly Kohut at

I was on the radio this morning talking about my experience and how the Icicle findings could help spare women the anxiety of a cancer diagnosis in the future. That's what your eggcups can do.

Click here to find out more about the project (about an hour and a half in to the breakfast show; go to 1:32.31). The feature is about 5 minutes long.

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  1. Several friends have either signed up for this already or said they will: Marie, Jayne, Sereta, Sara and Glyn. YOU'RE ALL FANTASTIC. xxx