Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Rough guide to making a nipple

You will need:

1 Black marker pen
1 Piece of felt (in the absence of fake leatherette to simulate the skin)
1 Pair of scissors
1 Violet braided absorbable vicryl suture (alternatively, a needle and thread will do)

Step 1. Using a marker pen, draw the outline of your home-made nipple on the felt. If your rendition resembles a squashed club with a circle in the middle, you're doing well. This is what Mr A calls an aeroplane flap.
Step 2. Cut around all of the outline except the base of the circle in the middle. (You'll have to pretend the sutures aren't there; I had to pull Mr A's work apart to show you this bit.)
Step 3. Hold your aeroplane flap upright. Fold one side-flap behind the circle.
Step 4. Fold the other side-flap behind the circle.
Step 5. Fold the last remaining flap down and suture. (Unfortunately, I don't have the precise suturing instructions on hand and will get back to you on this.)
Step 6. Look, no hands!

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